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At the end of the 19th century La Chaux – DE – Fonds already was the center of the watchmaking, Switzerland, and the world. In 1892, the founder of Breitling Leon will be a large, well-equipped tabulation factory moved to pull sealing sauder’s Montbrillant. After nearly a century, witnessed the Cheap Replica Breitling Watches Montbrillant UK avenue in the field of precision meter when the legends of the great inventions and innovations: first independent timing button (1915), the first time the independence of the separation of the function of zero time button wrist watch (1923), the first two independent timing button wrist bent (1934) and the first automatic timing wrist watch (1969); At the same time also witnessed the Breitling alongside world aviation legend of takeoff. To commemorate this great site and this period of history, legend named Best Sale Replica Breitling Watches UK launched an “Montbrillant” timing wrist watch series, today just to bring us Montbrillant 01 Limited, reference models: RB013012 / G710.

Breitling Montbrillant

Montbrillant timing series wrist watch design style with strong flavor of four, the fifties last century, reveals the will of its inheriting classic, sending out the Montbrillant spirit. Watch of wrist of perfect combination of traditional style and innovative technology, silver dial engraved on the three-dimensional time scale and concave accumulated embedded within the timing shows dial, glaring classic charm.The watch case of a diameter of 40 mm, table with a double-sided anti-dazzle mirror processing of sapphire crystal clear glass display, gear type two-way rotating bezel with famous UK Cheap Fake Watches Breitling For Sale circular slide rule of flight.

Breitling Montbrillant_

Montbrillant01 timing wrist watch with brand self-developed automatic winding timing 01 movement, accurate and reliable, performance is remarkable. Watch of wrist of perfect combination of traditional style and innovative technology, engraved on the silver dial Numbers or three-dimensional time scale and concave embedded cumulative timer, dazzling classic charm. The bottom of the table fine carved with the UK Cheap Replica Breitling Montbrillant Watches street tabulation factory pattern in the history of relief, reproduce Breitling charm of a century ago.

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