Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Double Tourbillon Black Leather Strap Fake Watches

Is there anything more American than Ralph Lauren fake watches? Not only did he redefine American style, but his success has also spread it all over the world, becoming one of the most recognizable brands around the world. With the expansion of his empire, it was inevitable that he would touch on watches sooner or later. When prominent fashion brands venture into timepieces, they have two options. The most commonly used option is to make relatively inexpensive watches and induce them with some of your brand’s style elements. Although this maximizes profit, these type of watches usually does not entice watch enthusiasts. Fortunately, Ralph Lauren took another route and created a collection of enticing, high-end watches that bear his character, such as the new RL Automotive Double Tourbillon.

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As a world-renowned car collector, part of the collection of watches is inspired by them, in particular, Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe. The Double Tourbillon is a generously sized watch, with a black stainless steel case of 45 mm. Its color offers a contrast to the prominent bezel, crafted from amboyna burl wood. Secured with six oversized screws, it gives you the impression that you are looking at the speedometer of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe.

You are not that far off, as the numerals, as well as the hands, are inspired by this. By making them off-white in color, Lauren not only increased its legibility against the matt black dial Ralph Lauren replica watches but also created a touch of vintage that his designs are so well known for. There are few style elements on this watch, and that makes it perhaps all the more powerful. The design elements that are there are all on-point. By adding a double tourbillon to it, it is almost as if this is a reference to what is under the hood of the Bugatti. Showing part of the watch mechanics on the front of the watch deepens the connection to the automotive world, it was inspired upon. Nice detail is also that the double tourbillon share a single bridge at the front of the watch.

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Also, the movement has a very sober finish. Where most brands like to show elaborate finishes, Lauren opts for something different. Although it features Geneva Stripping and chamfered edges, it has a more mechanical feel to it, indeed as one can find in a vintage automobile. Again, this makes it actually all the more impressive, as it seems to trigger a deeper understanding, and more of a connection, to the movement.

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